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Water Slide Rental Selkirk

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Double Funnel Tunnel w pool (NEW Item)

Dimensions: 28’L x 12’W x 18’ H

Double Funnel Tunnel with Pool. What is better than a single lane slide with pool? Answer, a double lane slide with pool. This feature allows you to race side by side. As you race side by side, pass through the rainbow tunnel before splashing into the cool blue waters below. GOOD FOR AGES 4 TO ADULTS

Wild Rapids (Double Lane)
Wild Rapids Slide

Dimensions: 25’L x 16’W x 18’H

Double the fun with our 18′ Wild Rapids, high quality double lane curved water slide! Experience the thrill of riding the rapids down this wet mountain of fun. Riders shoot down individual sliding lanes where they encounter the thrill of a bump in the rapids before they scream around the curve and make a soft splash landing.

Roaring River Rapids (Double Lane)
Roaring Rapids

Dimensions: 65’L X 20’W X 27’H

By popular demand to go even taller our 27’ tall Roaring River 2 Lane Run ‘N’ Splash Rock Arches Combo features a radical sliding angle that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping, starting with the ascent to the top. Once you have made it to the top, 2 riders scream down our 27’ Water Slide. Riders continue down 35′ of sliding rapids fun before landing in the pool. This unit is perfect for schools, churches, summer camps, residential and more. Unit is meant for kids and adults.

Run n Splash Rock Arches Double Lane

Dimensions: 35’L X 9’W X 10’H

Our Run ‘N’ Splash Rock Arches 2 Lane Slide is for those who want the very best in slip and slide fun. Great looking unit that allows 2 at a time to race each other down the rapids and into the pool.

Dolphin Splash Slide 18’ Wet or Dry
Dolphin splash photo 2

Dimensions: 25’L X 13’W X 18’H

Kids can ride the waves with the dolphins, while staying safe in the contained area. For the concerned parents this unit does NOT have a pool. Kids enter from the side of the unit and climb to the top. Safety netting at the top provides a safe environment for the kids to sit and then slide down. Safely crash the waves designed into the bottom of the unit, with just a small splash. This slide can be used wet or dry.

Emerald Ice

Emerald Ice Slide

Dimensions: 17’W x 34’L x 20’H

Our sapphire color 20′ Emerald Ice Double Lane Slide with pool. The first, two-story water slide that allows kids to decide what height they prefer to slide down. Climb up the ladder and stop at the first platform or continue 3 ½ feet higher and slide down, whipping around the turn and splashing into a pool of water. This slide also may be used dry without the pool. GOOD FOR AGES 4 TO ADULTS
Vortex Tropical Slide w Pool
tropical water slide with pool

Dimensions 18’W x 28’L x 22’H

Our 22′ Vortex WATER SLIDE is one more example why Jumping Bean Party Rental remains the “King of Water Slides.” Feel your heart pound with anticipation as you climb the steps to the top of this huge water slide. Take a seat, catch your breath and push off onto the 43′ sliding lane whipping you through the 360 degree turn, cascading you into a tunnel of darkness before making a refreshing landing into the pool. GOOD FOR AGES 4 TO ADULTS

Tropical Bounce and Double Dip

Bounce and Double Dip rental

Dimensions 13’W x 38’L x 18’H

Our Bounce ‘N’ Double Dip Tropical with Pool is one of our many new and innovative Wet & Dry Bounce Combos that solves the problem of the bounce area being too slick when used with water. Everyone knows how slippery vinyl gets when wet, but leave it to Jumping Bean Party Rental to incorporate specially built, heavy duty, non skid material on the entrance ramp and on the jumping mattress to prevent kids from slipping. Enter the front of the 13’L x 10’W bouncer, make a left and go up one of the two climbing ladders then down the slide making a big splash into the pool below. The Bounce N Double Dip unit can be used dry. GOOD FOR AGES 2 TO 14yrs old
Water Balloon Wars


Dimensions 13’W x 45’L x 15’H

Water Wars is just as much fun to watch as it is to play. Play as a team or go solo, Water Wars can be a game or competition. Here’s how you play: Opponents first start by filling buckets of water balloons using the water balloon filling station that comes with the unit. Opponents then go to opposing battle stations with their filled buckets of water balloons. Each battle station has 2 water balloon launchers. Place a balloon in the launcher, pull down on the handle, aim, and fire! Your balloon soars high through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent’s netted battle station. The netting is strategically designed to break the balloons allowing the water to come through. You might get sprinkled, sprayed, or saturated, but watch out, retaliation comes quickly…. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.
Goofys Big Splash
Don’t have it in your budget to rent a dunk tank? Here’s another option for our customers, “THE BIG SPLASH”. The Big Splash creates a fun event in which everyone can participate including the disabled, seniors, children, larger people, small people; medium size people….you get the point. Anyone who can sit under the 2 gallon bucket, full of water can participate. Throw the colored balls at the target. Hitting the target releases the tidal wave of water onto the specimen in the chair. Perfect for Fund-Raisers!Soak the Pastors, teachers, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, coaches, supervisors or anyone who is willing to get wet for a good cause. This truly lends to our motto “GREAT FUN FOR EVERYONE”!
Hawaiian Slip and Slide

Tropical Inflatable Water Slide

Dimensions 37’L x 12’W x 9’H

Our Hawaiian Slip and Slide – Double Lane w/ Pool is a whopping 37’ of slick aqua acceleration! A fully inflated pool at the end of the slide keeps the riders safely contained. This great slide will provide hours of amazing water fun! GOOD FOR AGES 8 TO ADULTS


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