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Choosing Site for Setup and Preparation


Set up must be within 100 feet of an outlet.

Set up must be on a flat surface.

Set up area must be free and clear of debris,sharp objects & animal feces.We will NOT set up equipment

We can NOT set up on top of a leach field.

We can NOT set up at the bottom of any hills.

Inflatable units can NOT be touching trees or tree limbs and electrical lines.We provide dimensions of each unit so you can understand your space and height requirements.

We are NOT responsible for sprinkler,water,gas and electrical lines.All items are staked to the ground unless other arrangements have been made.

We are not responsible for your water pressure and electrical service.Most blowers require between 8 to 8.5 amps.Some require 10amps.

Water slides require pools to be filled then your hose is attached to our hose on slide so the water may keep slides wet.Water has to move upward anywhere from 8ft to 25ft.If you are on a well this may be an issue depending on your well.Again we are not responsible for the water pressure coming from your well.


If you rent a dry inflatable, they must stay dry. You must NOT use a hose on them.You must shut off any sprinklers for the entity, while equipment is on premises.If wet there is a $500 charge to dry and clean.

NO SILLY STRING in or around the unit.This will damage the unit and you will be responsible for the damages.

If the winds exceed 20mph it is best to shut down the unit.

If it’s raining during your event, it’s best to keep unit inflated, unless winds exceed 20 mph.

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