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Frame Tents can be setup on any surface. We offer tents, tables and chairs separately or as packages.To check our tent, tables and chairs packages go to our packages page. Our frame party tents may also be place together in different configurations to create a larger space.  Our tents are for all occasions.  If you are seeking an elegant tent for a very special occasion, you would be best to choose companies that only deal with high end tent rentals *Sidewalls are also available for an extra charge to prevent wind and rain from coming into the tents.Lights are also available for evening events.Tent sizes available: 20×20 (40 people), 20×30 (60 people), 30×30 (90 people). Combination tent sizes available: 20×40 (80 people), 20×60 (100 people), 30×50 (150 people), 30×70 (210 people)

NEW FOR 2023 Kwik-Covers. Kwik-Covers will come with all tent packages in white, at NO additional cost. When ordering individual tables, you may order with or without covers. Round tables offered in white (most popular), pink or blue.

Reasons we highly recommend KWIK-COVERS:

1. Very easy to install on tables because elastic is built into each cover. Adhesive strips for added security. Tight clean look.

2.Saves time, no more taping, stapling, or pining. Gives you more time to focus on your event preparation.

3.These covers wipe clean and are reusable for your next event.

4.These will stay on table and not blow away in the wind.


60″ Round Table with fitted Kwik Cover in white……w/cover $14.50

60” Round Table with fitted Kwik Cover in Blue……  w/cover $14.50

60” Round Table with fitted Kwik Cover Pink………   w/cover $14.50

6ft Rectangular Table with fitted Kwik Cover white w/cover $14.

8ft Rectangular Table with Fitted Kwik Cover white w/cover $15.50.

Cocktail Table 31.5”x 44″H………   $12 (covers NOT available)

Kids Picnic Tables white……   $15 each    

Kids Picnic Tables Blue……      $15 each 

Kids chairs Blue & Red……….  $2 each.

Kids Tables white … $11 each    Great for ages 2 to 7. Seats 4 per table, adjustable 3 different sizes (24″, 29″, 36″).

White Folding Chairs…………. $3 each

**We have minimum order to come out for local delivery for just tables and/or chairs. Call for details.

Tent Packages Tent deposits non-refundable

20 x 20 Tent (Seating for 40 People)
One frame tent 20×20
One 6′ Banquet table
Four 60″ Round tables
40 White Folding Chairs
Kwik-Covers in white with all tables.
$599.00+tax Regular price

20 x 30 Tent (Seating for 60 People)
One frame tent 20×30
Two 6′ Banquet tables
Six 60″ Round tables
60 White Folding Chairs
Kwik-Covers in white with all tables.
$749.00+tax Regular price

20 x 40 Tent (Seating for 80 People)
Frame tent 20×40
Two 6′ Banquet tables
Eight 60″ Round tables
80 White Folding Chairs
Kwik-Covers in white with all tables.
$1199.00+tax Regular price

30 x 30 Tent (Seating for 90 People)
One frame tent 30×30
Three 6′ Banquet tables
Nine 60″ Round tables
90 White Folding Chairs
2 Strings of Lights
Kwik-Covers in white with all tables.
$1699.00+tax Regular price* We have ability to do large tent set ups. Call for details.*

Carnival tents are also available at Jumping Bean. They go great with carnival theme parties where carnival games are rented. (Actual tent style may vary)

Tent Accessories

Tent Solid wall with DoorTent Globe lightingTent Sidewall with door photo 1


Tent Window SidewallTent Solid SidewallTent Screen Sidewall

Blue, Pink or White 60" round tables.












Banquet Tables 6′ or 8′






Cocktail Table 31.5”x 44″H

Cocktail Tables

White Folding Chairs

Our white folding chairs are very comfortable and easy to move. Our 60′ round tables seat up to 10 people. Banquet tables (6′ long) seat up to 8 people.

Kids Tables and Chairs

NEW kids picnic tables come in blue and white. Great for ages 2 to 7. Seats 4 per table.

Kids chairs are great for kids between the ages 2 and 7. We also have adjustable tables; they adjust to 3 different sizes (24″, 29″, 36″).

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